Welcome to ‘Decorating Basics’

How odd that I should find myself sitting to write the inaugural post of my new blog and find that exactly 5 years ago to the day I wrote the three for my previous blogs. Revisiting the topics I brought up feels right, so if you have already read them I apologize and assure you that there will be more new content in the future.

“Hello, welcome to the inaugural post of my new blog Decorating Basics. This blog is intended to advise individuals looking to decorate their homes or find an interior decorator/interior designer.”

Check, still good.

“There is a joke in the industry that we decorators sell exclusively things that we ourselves can’t afford to buy. I fall more into the category of agonizing over the purchase only to find out that the item was discontinued two days prior to my decision.”

Yup, only now I have five more years worth of discontinued items to pine over.

“There is a story about a famous baseball player who always refused to work with the rookies. Any tip, any trick or technique that he could have taught them he viewed as a threat to his position. At the end of the season how do you think his team fared compared to what they could have done? Nobody can know what will happen, but I like to make sure that my team has the strongest and best possible members, not just those that I am better than.

This blog is no different. There is no ‘Decorator draft.’ We are not competing for the title, flag or any other analogy you wish to use. I intend on giving the best advice I can to those who are or would be my colleagues. I hope that you will all do the same.”

Funnily enough a “competitor” came into the store today and we had a great discussion about how we can work together and all benefit. So here is to 5 more years, and 5 more after that. See you all in the next post!