Tassels, Bullion, Banding, oh my…

My standard advice is that if you use beautiful fabric simply you will attain great results; however sometimes you need a little extra “oomph”. There are many ways that you can add interesting details to your window treatments, and in the interest of helping you build a basic lexicon here are a few:


Tassel trim and tiebacks. Sewn onto the “leading edge” of the above panel the tassel can be attached with the decorative tape visible or hidden. Often this is an excellent choice of trim as the tassels dangle and as such are visible even if the edge should roll.

Wide shots
Bullion trim. A bit difficult to see but these are the long twisted strings that people often think about at the bottom of theater curtains. Sometimes used on sofas the fatter cords are referred to as sausage bullion. Also note the fabric style tiebacks as opposed to the previously shown tassel style tiebacks.


Banding. Formed from strips of a contrast fabric this technique can envelop the edge or be inset to create a thin border of the face fabric. This tends to be one of the least expensive ways to add a detail as the fabric typically costs less then the equivalent amount of trim.


Here is another example of how banding can be applied The above Roman shade has a frame of banding adding a needed element to an otherwise unremarkable solid.


Tapes and braids. As more of the industry moves away from the formal bullion and traditional tassel trim the demand for decorative tapes grow. Usually moderately priced there are currently a staggering number of options on the market. The above pictured selection are just a small number of the pieces produced by Fabricut and until next post I suggest you pop over there and give their product a look.