Pre-Market Update

“Time keeps on slipping into the future…” Thanks Steve Miller, at least I know where it all goes now.

This week has been a maelstrom of activity. New clients, old friends, and some of those jobs that you quoted out 6 months ago and then life happened. If only there were some way I could remind myself that all the open orders and work in progress is cleverly hidden in the file marked “Work In Progress/Open Order”. You know self, the one that is literally on top of every other file in the “deal with this first pile”.

Note to self: Remember to refer back to this blog post to remind myself where I have all those completely written up items.

This week will mark the last rush before heading out to High Point Market. Our fun will include – playing catch up with no less than 4 clients, delivering 3 more completed jobs, an Old Town Warrenton Merchants meeting, opening a new account (how do we not already have an account with them?!) and reestablishing contact with an old one.

So until next week.. Fly like an eagle.