More Market Thoughts…

I look back through my pictures from market and I think…”Why did I take that?!” Maybe next market I can bring an assistant to write notes for me. That being said there are more than a few nice shots among the hundred and seventy or so I took. Here are a few of them with my thoughts interspersed:


Cephalopods…Squid and Octopi abound. It seems now a days there is a Kraken on everything. Both at the DC and NC market I took numerous pictures of these tentacled adornments. If you would like to see more let me know, perhaps I should make them an album of their own.

British whimsy is in. I know the color may be a bit much for our provincial tastes, but if you want to take a walk on the wild side (there I go again) alright.


Sometimes more is better. Any one of those pieces would be nice, but whomever did that display needs a raise. I wonder if it was my good buddy Carl S.


And finally it is all in the details. It would be easy to miss those little guys, but when you noticed them…