Blog: Decorating Basics

This blog will be a vehicle for Yaron to share tips, rant, wax nostalgic, and communicate thoughts in some free-form manner that you may find useful, interesting, or amusing.

Focus… by Yaron - This past week I participated in a focus group for industry professionals with over ten years experience. We discussed the economy, the changing nature of the industry, and why we make the purchasing decisions that we do. Naturally customer service was our number one concern. There are very few companies that are so big or... Read more »
There is no substitute for seeing it in person… by Yaron - A week ago I heard back from one of my recent clients. You may remember one of her pieces from a quick tweet I made (April 14th). Now this is not the best photo by any stretch of the imagination, but look at what the same camera phone did in different light. I cannot stress... Read more »
On the Road Again… by Yaron - Here I am. It seems like I just got back from market and Showtime is rolling around. Who do I need to see? Everyone. Do I have enough time? Not even close. Fabric, hardware, trim, Jacqueline Smith…I have wanted to meet her for quite some time, I got some great advice from Thomas O’Brien imagine... Read more »
Can you find this for me? by Yaron - Very often we are asked to source a particular fabric. Often we are able to help, but there are some caveats to the above statement. Let’s explore those. Someone else showed this to me: Aside from the difficulty of looking through hundreds of different fabrics from each of the hundreds of mills and vendors, the... Read more »
Tassels, Bullion, Banding, oh my… by Yaron - My standard advice is that if you use beautiful fabric simply you will attain great results; however sometimes you need a little extra “oomph”. There are many ways that you can add interesting details to your window treatments, and in the interest of helping you build a basic lexicon here are a few: Tassel trim... Read more »
More Market Thoughts… by Yaron - I look back through my pictures from market and I think…”Why did I take that?!” Maybe next market I can bring an assistant to write notes for me. That being said there are more than a few nice shots among the hundred and seventy or so I took. Here are a few of them with... Read more »
Back from Market… by Yaron - “There ain’t no rest for the wicked…” Last time Steve Miller, this time Cage the Elephant, I think I had better discuss interior design before by blog gets labelled as simply quoting song lyrics. P.S. Nobody does it better. So, back to work. Here are a few things I learned, or was reminded of at... Read more »
Pre-Market Update by Yaron - “Time keeps on slipping into the future…” Thanks Steve Miller, at least I know where it all goes now. This week has been a maelstrom of activity. New clients, old friends, and some of those jobs that you quoted out 6 months ago and then life happened. If only there were some way I could... Read more »
Welcome to ‘Decorating Basics’ by Yaron - How odd that I should find myself sitting to write the inaugural post of my new blog and find that exactly 5 years ago to the day I wrote the three for my previous blogs. Revisiting the topics I brought up feels right, so if you have already read them I apologize and assure you... Read more »