Back from Market…

“There ain’t no rest for the wicked…” Last time Steve Miller, this time Cage the Elephant, I think I had better discuss interior design before by blog gets labelled as simply quoting song lyrics.

P.S. Nobody does it better.

So, back to work. Here are a few things I learned, or was reminded of at market:

100% without a doubt the best faux floral pieces were by NDI Were they a little more expensive? Yes. Is it worth the money? Let me ask you a question. Can you (or your client) keep real plants alive? If the answer is yes, buy real plants. If the answer is no, then this is the company to use.


Lighting? There were hundreds of beautiful lamps at dozens of companies, and many of them were surprisingly reasonable. But if you are going to tell me that price is no object I would like to remind you all of Fine Art Lamps Any company can take a nice picture and put it up on their web page. I think by now there is not one of us who has not bought something online, or in a catalog only to be disappointed when you see it in real life. These will not disappoint.

Trowbridge GalleriesPrints…my good friends at Trowbridge Gallery. I used two of their pieces for my last client. I think I could have torn out the floors and thrown down straw and still these pieces would have made the rooms look stunning. Money well spent.

Okay time to go, but if you have a problem with a room and you can throw money at it those three will go a long way towards fixing whatever is wrong. Next time…