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About Formal Traditional

Our mission is to provide hands on design services offering the style, flexibility, and level of accountability that our discerning clients require. No matter the scope or scale of your project, whether formal or informal, traditional or contemporary we will bring the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that we have brought to the numerous embassies, mansions, restaurants, and residences we have decorated over the years.

Our design philosophy is that it is not our job to impose our taste on you, but instead to help you find what you love.

About Yaron Linett, Interior Designer

Born in Jerusalem, Israel Yaron grew up moving between Israel, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia. During that time he was heavily influenced by Federal, New England, and Middle Eastern style which often find their ways into his designs. While attending High School in Rockville, MD Yaron developed a passion for black and white photography, and later while attending the University of Maryland College Park earned a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Social Psychology. Working his way up from a sales associate all the way to the Director of Home Decorating for the legendary G Street Fabrics, Yaron brings his 14 years of experience to the company. Currently a resident of bucolic Warrenton Virginia, Yaron continues offering Interior Design and Decorating services under the Formal Traditional banner.

About Laura Linett, Fine Artist

Laura Linett was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Her mother is an accomplished artist and her father loved woodworking. She spent many happy hours as a child watching her parents create beautiful things. It was obvious that a passion and ability in art was manifest in her at an early age. By high school she was studying vocational art in specialized programs designed for talented young people.

After high school she developed an interest in decorative painting, a field often looked down upon by the traditional art world. It was the tactile and useful nature of decorative art that attracted her. Art not just for walls but to use and enjoy. This love for useful art has been an ongoing theme in her work and is now a perfect fit when collaborating with her husband.

After a few years in the workforce she decided to go back to school and received a fine art diploma from Heritage College in Hull Quebec. Her professors encouraged her to continue her studies and apply for advanced standing at the Ontario College of Art (now known as OCAD University ) in Toronto Canada where she completed the four year program in two years. She has studied under some of Canada’s top illustrators and landscape artists. Her most beloved memories of college are “plein air” painting trips to Algoma where there are no roads and the Aurora Borealis fills the night sky.

Laura has a special love of and training in traditional art forms. She is adept in life drawing, landscape painting, illustration, sculpting, doll making, leather carving, decorative painting, sewing, and embroidery design. Her traditional background has served her well as she now delves into the digital world. She is as comfortable with a Wacom as she is with a brush.